Tea for Two….. or more !!!

Yes….just like you, I’m an amateur gourmet.   According to Wikipedia, an amateur is generally considered a person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science, without pay and often without formal training.   Sound familiar ???  But it is so much fun.

I can’t decide whether I enjoy the shopping & preparing of food the most or the delight of sharing it with others…..maybe both equally !!  I’ve always thought my interest in food was my way of creating ‘art’ since I have no talent with creating anything on canvas.   Over the years my tastes have become much more healthy oriented, although now I would say they are ‘natural’.    I’m a marvel at the ‘semi-homemade’ method however I most enjoy totally from scratch.     And, my interests are all over the board…..from artisanal breads & beautiful desserts to vegetarian meals & complex carbs only.    So, if my posts jump about a bit, it is either because I saw something at market that truly inspired me OR I read someone else’s post that made me say….oh-oh-oh…..I wanna make that !!

When I’m not pursuing my obsession hobby as a foodie, I work in the sustainability world with green buildings.   I currently live in Baltimore, originally from a very small, farm community in Kansas and have had the opportunity to live and/or travel extensively.   I have come to the conclusion there is no such thing as American cuisine.  It is so different in every part of the country and I love it all, from homecooking in the midwest to the innovative gourmet cuisines of the chefs who so openly share their recipes.   I have traveled & lived in Western Europe, Africa, South America and Mexico.   The food in each place was always some of most enjoyable experience.

If you’d like to know more about me, Pat Thomas, or you find something interesting in this blog, please leave a comment.

Ciao !!!

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