Harvest Time: Concord Grape Rosemary Focaccia

My ‘adopted’ family has a farm with 100 year old concord grape vines and every year when they ripen, I go over & make grape jam.   We usually get around 90 jars & the smell in the kitchen is marvelous.   Our friends have now come to expect a jar will be gifted to them and…..we do share most of it with friends & family.   They are very grateful, too.

We get so many grapes, I have searched the web for all types of other ways to use concord grapes.   Last year I made a grape pie, which was delicious but very sweet.   Everyone’s favorite treat is a recipe I borrowed from Bobby Flay…..Grape Focaccia with Rosemary.   It is absolutely beautiful when it comes out of the oven.   The grapes turn bright purple in little dimples amid perfectly browned dough.   And it is so yummy !!   In fact, it is so good, I have used red grapes or black grapes, if you can find them.   It is a little easier, since both are seedless.    The recipe is so easy……give it a try & you will be delighted !!!

grape focaccia

Photo from Smitten Kitchen

Grape Focaccia with Rosemary  (recipe from Bobby Flay) 

1 fresh pizza dough  (I usually use No-Knead dough, but have used fresh from the store)

Olive Oil

3/4 cup concord grapes, seeded (or substitute black or red seedless grapes)

1 T. fresh rosemary needles

Coarse sea salt

Brush a baking sheet with olive oil or use parchment paper.  Place a ball of dough (at room temperature) on the sheet & brush with olive oil.   Set aside for 20 minutes, lightly covered with a kitchen towel.

If using concord grapes, cut in half & remove seeds, while the dough is resting.  This is easiest done with a very sharp paring knife.  Half each grape & ‘flicking’ the seeds out with the end of a paring knife.   Make sure the skin stays attached.

Dip your fingers in olive oil and press/stretch into a 8-9 inch circle or a square, if desired. The bread will be dimples from your fingers which is the effect you want.   Cover again and let rise again for 30 minutes to 1 hour.  (If using quick yeast bread dough, it won’t take as long to rise as regular yeast.)   Preheat over to 450.

Brush the top of the dough with olive oil & cover with grape halves, skin side up.   Sprinkle minced rosemary over the entire surface.  Sprinkle coarse salt evenly over all.

Bake until golden brown, about 15 minutes.  Let cool a few minutes before cutting.   Serve warm or at room temperature.

About Pat Thomas

I love what food brings to our lives other than the needed nutrition. I share all my foodie experiments with friends & family. Thankfully they are usually delighted but always kind with whatever I've cooked up.
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