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Homemade Veggie Broth

Yup….more from cleaning the fridge.   It was a lazy weekend, the weather had turned cooler, so after a long walk my choices were clean house or cook.   I combined cleaning the fridge & cooking….cleaning the house can always … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Fridge: Cottage Cheese Pancakes

I’ve mentioned before that 101 Cookbooks is one of my inspirations, right ??  I’m very new to blogging as well as adding more vegetarian meals to my repertoire.  I’ve always been a healthy cook since my husband was a marathoner … Continue reading

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Cleaning Out the Fridge: Cottage Cheese Bread with Oven-Dried Tomatoes

I would never have expected that cleaning out the refrigerator could taste soooo good !! Way in the back of the top shelf was a carton of cottage cheese which was fast approaching the ‘use by date’.   The weather … Continue reading

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Organizing The Pantry: Harissa – African Hot Sauce

Started cleaning the fridge & before I knew it, I was organizing the Pantry too.  It really needed it since I keep a very well stocked pantry in case I spontaneously want to cook something.   I found long ago … Continue reading

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Spicy & Sweet: Habanero Gold

If you like going to the farmer’s market and bringing home fresh, local produce and then you think….what can I make with this ?? …..then you should visit Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen.  She has really creative (and absolutely delicious) jam recipes. … Continue reading

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Safari Memories: Healthy Rusks

My next door neighbor is from South Africa and she craves her Mother’s cooking.  We were discussing favorites and of course, rusks topped the list.  These are so good in the morning with a cup of Roobois tea or coffee. … Continue reading

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Life is Too Short to Eat Bad Food: Flaky Cinnamon Biscuits

I’m cooking healthier and also very interested in finding ways of using everything in some manner.  So after making homemade ricotta (really yummy & post coming soon) I saw a post which talked about creative chefs who use whey, rather … Continue reading

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