Tequila (Vodka) por mi Amante

I came upon this title, Tequila por my Amante, meaning ‘for my Beloved’ in Cocktail Chronicles which says it is from The Gentleman’s Companion, 1939.    Thank you Paul Clark for bringing this obvious male tradition to our modern day delight.   Personally I call this Vodka Tequila por mi Amante since it works beautifully with both spirits.

The infusion is beautiful so I had no trouble giving it a bit of attention daily to agitate the jar a bit.   Since it takes 3 weeks, I added more fresh strawberries after 10 days.   I stored the finished product in the freezer, right beside the Limoncello.   It will degrade and lose flavor over time, so refrigeration delays that process.

I have used this to make Strawberry-Kiwi Martinis with fresh kiwi puree (AquaFresca post) as well as Strawberry-Blueberry Martinis (Blueberry Sauce post).  My favorite though is Redhead in Bed and my version of a Porch Crawler, since anything using chili peppers, including cocktails, are on my ‘beloved’ list.

The original recipe using tequila is meant to be served straight-up, well-chilled & I have to say….it is really nice, especially with a fresh lime wedge.   Salud !!

Vodka Tequila por mi Amante  is adapted from Paul Clarke at The Cocktail Chronicles who also writes regularly for Imbibe magazine.

Tequila por Mi Amante, or Tequila for My Beloved; Mexico City, 1937

This is a prepared beverage requiring patience and from three to four weeks for the vodka infusion, six weeks for the tequila.

Tequila, 1 pint
Ripe strawberries, 1 quart, cut in halves

Wash and stem the berries, put into an airtight jar or bottle, pour on enough tequila to cover. Shut tightly and stand for at least twenty-one days. Strain . . . This berry process extracts some of the raw taste, adds a rosy dawn touch. Our Mexican drinks it straight always. We opine that handled in the same way as sloe gin, discoveries would be made . . . Other fruit like wild cherries, blackberries, and so on could be tried.

– The Gentleman’s Companion, Charles H. Baker, Jr., 1939

NOTE:  Vodka infusion is ready at 3 weeks.  Infuse tequila in fridge, strain strawberries at 3 weeks & age an additional 3 weeks, for total 6 weeks.

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I love what food brings to our lives other than the needed nutrition. I share all my foodie experiments with friends & family. Thankfully they are usually delighted but always kind with whatever I've cooked up.
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