Aqua Fresca – fresh, cool fruit beverages

It has been sooo hot and lots of my friends still don’t have any electricity from last Friday’s storm, which means no AC.   Since it is so easy to become a couch potato in this heat, we decided to get up early and go hiking, which should have had us back home before it got scorching.   It was the best of intentions….however we got a bit lost and our hike lasted a couple hours longer than expected.  We had been drinking lots of water, but by the time we got home, we were very overheated.   I opened the fridge and blessed the nearby Wegmans for their ClubPacks of power foods.   There in the fridge was a large pack of kiwis.   Wegmans carries ClubPacks of all the powerfoods which includes kiwi, blueberries and at this time of year, strawberries, too.  I remembered the beautiful, refreshing Aqua Frescas in Mexico.   There were large decanters of several flavors at breakfast using different fruits as well as in the lobby for a midday cooler.    My absolute favorite was Watermelon, but that will be another post…..isn’t August the melon season??

So I peeled a few kiwi, chopped them up & dropped them into my trusty Magic Bullet.  Then came the experimentation phase.   Squeezed in some lime and dropped the wedges into the puree to keep it from turning brown.   Usually there is some mint simple syrup in the fridge and my absolute favorite,  jalapeno simple syrup, both made with Splenda.   I’m not a great water drinker, so I had picked up some zero-calorie key lime soda water in the hopes I would drink more ‘water’….it worked.   We had a lovely time making all types of fabulous drinks and in just a bit, we were refreshed and rehydrated.

So, here is my base for Kiwi Aqua Fresca and a few ideas for how to use it.

Peel, chop and blend as many fruit as you have on hand.   Squeeze some lime juice into the blended fruit to keep it from turning brown.  Put some ice in a glass, add some of the fruit puree, a bit of mint simple syrup and top it off with key lime soda water.  Shake and enjoy !!!

We didn’t use all of the fruit puree, so I added a splash of vodka as a preserver.  It keeps in the fridge for several days.   The next day I added it to iced green tea after mowing the lawn.

So, I’m not exactly sure how long the puree will last since it became the core ingredient in happy hour, too.   Here are some of the cocktails I created:

Kiwi Margarita:  kiwi puree, tequila, splash of Midori or TyKu, jalapeno simple syrup

Kiwi Crush: kiwi puree, vodka, splash of St. Germaine, key lime soda water

There is a plethora of fresh fruit available during the summer, so I’m planning on more Aqua Fresca experiments.   There is watermelon, blackberry, blueberry (with lemonade…yum), honeydew, mango, canteloupe….oh my….this is going to be a very healthy summer.

Ciao !!

About Pat Thomas

I love what food brings to our lives other than the needed nutrition. I share all my foodie experiments with friends & family. Thankfully they are usually delighted but always kind with whatever I've cooked up.
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